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Kicked it in Heels first ever Libido and Mojo workshop was a major success! Women sipped their cocktails as they received empowering advice from the experts (l-r), Elizabeth Yuko, Dr. Jeanne Carter, and Dr. Alice Police.

A refreshing conversation focused on women’s sexuality, attendees were able to have open dialogues with our panelists and leave the event with new perspectives. We discussed everything from body insecurities to how chemotherapy affects patient sexual health. We also discussed how conversations surrounding women’s sexual health shouldn’t stop at a particular age.

We are appreciative to all of the women who came and shared their personal experiences, and to all of our supporters! We are excited to have kicked off the summer with such an informative event, and we hope to continue to inspire community engagement. Be sure to check out pictures from the event in the gallery.  We look forward to celebrating survivorship for the rest of 2018!

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