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Turn Your Peace Up & Your Stress Level Down: 5 Ways to Combat Negative Thoughts When You’re Alone

September 8, 2023
Being alone can be a calming experience, but it can also be when those negative…
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The Ozempic Craze Has Arrived: Here’s What it Means for Health

August 27, 2023
Weight and health have always been mixed in the public eye, but medications like Ozempic…
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The Growing Trend of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and Their Potential Health Benefits

August 3, 2023
In recent years, a new trend has been making waves in the beverage industry: non-alcoholic…
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The LGBT Community’s Disproportionate Cancer Burden: Breaking It Down

June 22, 2023
As we celebrate Pride Month, it's essential not only to acknowledge the progress made in terms…
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The Truth About Energy Drinks: Is It Time to Reconsider Our Consumption?

May 24, 2023
Do you rely on energy drinks to keep up with your busy lifestyle? You're not…
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Birth Control and Breast Cancer: Assessing Your Risk

April 28, 2023
When a woman first begins to take birth control, she is often handed a rather…