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The Pursuit of Happiness (and What It Looks Like for You)

Happiness—for so many of us, it is the ultimate goal. The pursuit of happiness is a concept that has been around for generations, urging us to look inside and out for those precious moments and activities that bring us joy.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what the current state of your life is—most of us are struggling during these very stressful and trying times, and we all need a reminder to make time for joy.

How can you take care of yourself and strive for happiness? By defining your own pursuit of happiness and empowering yourself to reach for it!

What is the Pursuit of Happiness—and Why is it Important?

The pursuit of happiness is a constant quest for many of us, and it is something that we seek during good times and bad. Your personal pursuit of happiness may look different than your best friend’s or neighbor’s. At the end of the day, it is all about you and what brings you peace.

What makes you happy? What makes you feel grateful? What raises your spirits on your brightest mornings and darkest nights?

Pursuing happiness is a decision. Although happiness may arrive in our lives without notice, it is more common when we look for it. When you pursue happiness, you are seeking a reason to smile, an elevated mood, and positive feelings.

How to Define and Support Your Own Pursuit of Happiness

No one can decide what brings happiness to your life. Only you have the power to define your joy and take an active role in pursuing it. Fortunately, these simple and effective steps can help you to get started.

Pause and Reflect on What Happiness Looks Like

Your first step in your happiness journey is to pause and reflect. Take time when you can to really consider what happiness looks like in your mind. Are there vibrant moments of joy? Warming moments of peace?

Ask yourself what happiness feels like and looks like for you.

Pay Attention to What Brings You Joy

After you have taken time to consider what your happy state looks like, it is time to look for the things that support it. Keep an eye out throughout the day for the positive things in your life that bring more happiness to you. It might be precious moments with friends and family, time spent on a treasured hobby, or even just listening to a song you love. The song Happy by Pharrell Williams has stayed popular for a reason.

Look for anything that brings you peace and puts a smile on your face!

Support Your Mental Health

The real trick to pursuing happiness is to focus more on your mental health. When you take time to support your mental health, you open up more room for happiness in your life. Whether you attend therapy, sign up for wellness courses, or practice mindfulness, reducing stress and prioritizing positivity makes it much easier to pursue happiness each and every day.

Find Your Joy—and Maintain It!

No one is happy every moment of every day, but that doesn’t mean that happiness has to be elusive. When you prioritize your mental health and actively pursue joy in your life, you will feel the difference on the good days and the bad ones too. Happiness is a magic all its own, making us smile, spreading to others, and even helping our bodies to heal.

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