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One of the most well-respected female hip-hop artists of all time, MC Lyte is a lyricist, inspirational speaker, dj, pioneer, icon, veteran and entrepreneur. She has consistently found ways to reinvent herself musically, while expanding her resume and gaining new fans. Reared in Brooklyn and a pioneer in the industry, she opened the door for future female Hip Hop artists. MC Lyte is the FIRST rap artist ever to perform at New York’s historic Carnegie Hall, the FIRST female rapper to receive a gold single, the FIRST female solo rapper nominated for a Grammy and the FIRST solo female rapper to be honored/inducted on VH-1’s HIP HOP HONORS.

MC Lyte has graced network television as well as the big screen and recently released a new album, LEGEND. MC Lyte reigns as the CEO of Sunni Gyrl, Inc. and Hip Hop Sisters Foundation.

A native Los Angeleno, Grace’s life took a dramatic turn at 26 when she was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma breast cancer. It was unexpected yet expected since most of the women in Grace’s family fell victim to the disease. Grace elected to do a double mastectomy with chemotherapy a decision that she felt was right for her and provided peace of mind that she took the most aggressive approach. Grace is extremely grateful that since 1996, the year of her diagnosis, she has been enjoying a healthy life. She moved to NYC in 2000 and continued a career in entertainment. Grace recently moved back to NYC late last year after living as an ex-pat in Switzerland for 4 years. She is now a managing director of a real estate development firm based in Stamford, CT.

Byron Kirkland is a results driven marketing executive with over 15 years marketing and branding experience. He is known as resourceful leader adept at implementing high-profile, image-based marketing programs within the consumer luxury/lifestyle industry. A pioneer in grassroots marketing, Byron has been able to be an asset for a number of companies by effectively being able to bridge corporate partnerships with music and entertainment.

In his late 30’s Byron had noticed a lump on his chest that had been present for several years. Byron was not necessarily concerned but at his wife’s urging, Byron sought medical advice. He was shocked when he was given the diagnosis of breast cancer, disease that he did not think could affect men. Thankfully, Byron had the tumor removed and did not require further treatment. His wife’s persistence and love may have saved his life.

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