To eradicate healthcare disparities in breast cancer and to promote health in survivorship. We focus on breast cancer survivors, specifically young women and women of color.

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Let’s kick breast cancer together and end the disparities in breast cancer by focusing on survivors, specifically young women and women of color.


We provide young women with basic health and screening information, and support our survivors by sharing their experiences with other women.


We believe in adjusting your lifestyle to live a healthy and productive life. We will help you navigate through your journey by focusing on fitness, beauty, and wellness.


Kicked It In Heels holds various fundraising campaigns throughout the year, which raise awareness about issues facing survivors and celebrate their victories. We are making great strides but can always use more support.

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This summer, Kicked it in Heels will be launching its new blog “PINK” that will focus on lifestyle and wellness curated by Kicked it in Heel’s very own founder, Dr. Janna Andrews. Check out our blog posts for more information!

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