Marsha is an Executive in the Fashion Industry and has years of demonstrated experience in organizational restructuring, building businesses, and maximizing profitability and revenue. Currently, she serves as President of Jaxter Consulting Inc., an advisory firm that works with startups, young fashion brands, in addition to VC and PE firms looking to invest in the fashion industry. 

Prior to working with Jaxter, Marsha spent 20+ years at the Amerex Group, a privately held apparel company, most recently serving as Executive Vice President and President of its contemporary fashion business. During her time at Amerex, Marsha was responsible for 160+P&L, overseeing a team of over 200 people in the U.S. and Asia. 

Marsha is a mentor at iMentor organization, which seeks to foster relationships with first-generation students from low-income communities in order to empower them them to graduate from high school and succeed in college. Marsha resides in New York City with her husband and two kids.

LinkedIn: Marsha Sokolovskaya